Products Structural Wood Screws and Wood Connectors Solid Wood Construction

Paneltwistec AG

Washer Head Structural Wood Screw

KonstruX ST

Self Tapping Full Thread Structural Wood Screw

Magnus L

Magnus Hidden Wood Connector

IdeeFix 30

IdeeFix Hidden Wood Connector

Atlas Wood Connector

Atlas Hidden Wood Connector

Beam Grip

Beam Grip for lift Glulam and Timber Beams

PediX Post Feet

Screw Jacks Adjustable

Transport Anchor

Transport Anchor used for Lifting Panels and Wood Beams

Brutus Threaded Rod

Fully threaded rod for transverse-shear reinforcement

Reinforce Angle Connectors for Cross Laminated Timber

Simpson Connectors

Reinforced Angle Connectors for Cross Laminated Timber


Reinforce Angle Brackets for CLT Cross Laminated Timber